Meet the Insole Mate of Your Dreams

Ultra-personalized, comfortable, and affordable, inStrydes feature a unique 3D-printed lattice structure and A.I. foot analysis.

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Why inStrydes are the Perfect Pair of Shoe Inserts

InStrydes not only fit whatever shoes you wear, but they’re also incredibly comfortable and withstand foot perspiration & deterioration.

Fits Any Shoe Or Sneaker
Extremely Lightweight
Reduces Foot Odor & Sweat
Affordable Price Tag & Fast Delivery

Cost-Effective, Comfortable Custom Insoles

Even though there’s a variety of insole brands, as well as sizes, unfortunately, they don’t fit quite right, they aren’t durable, the materials can cause feet to sweat, or they simply aren’t comfortable.

Innovative Foot Analysis and 3D Design

Achieve all-day comfort, support, and performance with inStryde Insoles, the hyper-customized shoe inserts that feature a one-of-a-kind AI smartphone scan process and patent pending SmartCore material.

How inStryde Works

Step 1
The Custom-Fitting Process

You’ll take our free fit quiz and foot scan right on your smartphone from anywhere! Then our team will create 3D models of your feet so we can see what’s going on.

Step 2
Insoles Made Just for You

Next, we’ll use those 3D models to shape your custom insoles. Once the inserts have their basic form, our team will apply a lattice structure that’s specific to your biomechanics, pain points, and intended use.

Step 3
Receive inStrydes in Just a Few Days

After crafting your custom insoles, we’ll ship them in the mail. With a lattice structure specific to you, you’ll feel a big difference in how you move.

Introducing the SmartFit Process

Our SmartFit process is designed to quickly measure your feet, biomechanics, current & past injuries, and preferences in order to design insoles as unique as you. All you have to do is remotely scan your feet with the SmartFit App and your smartphone camera.

  • The Fit Quiz is a series of questions that help us get to know your pain points and the way you move.
  • Computer vision software scans your feet to measure arch height, arch location, heel width, and more!
  • Your unique SmartFit results inform us the precise cushions your feet need.

Powered By SmartCore

These hyper-customized insoles feature a unique lattice design that leads to better comfort, support, hygiene, and the perfect fit for each individual.

A Revolutionary Way to Order Custom Insoles

By rethinking traditional insole fitting processes and materials used, inStryde can offer advantages that others can’t.

Medical Orthotics

  • Make an appointment and drive to see a doctor.

  • Get your feet scanned in the office.

  • Orthotist makes insoles by hand and sells them to doctors.

  • Orthotist makes insoles and sends them back to doctor.

  • 2 months after your scan, the doctor sells you your insoles marked up 3x.

  • Remotely scan your feet with inStryde’s SmartFit software.

  • We 3d print your insoles and send them directly to you in days.

  • Feel custom comfort and support wherever you go.

How inStryde Stomps Traditional Medical Orthotics

Medical orthotics are expensive and off-the-shelf insoles offer little to no support. That’s why we created inStryde, highly customized, affordable insoles that are delivered to your front door in days, not months.

inStryde Helps With...

Plantar Fasciitis
High Arches
Flat Feet
Shin Splints
Achilles Tendonitis

Incredible inStrydes Reviews

All over the country, people are raving about our unparalleled shoe inserts.

“If you get the chance to use these I strongly recommend it!”
“Feels like your feet are being massaged with every step!”
“It feels like I’m stepping into the future!”
“By far the most comfortable insoles I’ve ever worn.”
Single Pair
Get one pair of custom inStrydes delivered to your door in days.
Two Pairs
Get two pairs of custom inStrydes delivered to your door in days.

Money back guarantee

If you don’t 100% love your inStrydes, we promise a full refund for up to 30 days after your purchase.