Mike Schmid, Founder & CEO, injured the plantar fascia in his right foot playing soccer and was told to get custom insoles to truly mitigate the risk of reinjury. He couldn’t find insoles that fit both him and his cleats, so he went without. Of course, 15 minutes into his next game, he re-injured his plantar fascia.

At the time, Mike was designing products in the aerospace industry as an R&D engineer. He explored how 3D printed lattices could break the mold of traditional product design. He quickly put two and two together by printing a pair of insoles shaped to his feet with an early version of the lattice structure. After feeling the difference in comfort and support, Mike Schmid knew he had to share this with the world!

Today, inStryde’s patent pending SmartCore technology completely eliminates the need for foam, glue, and other traditional materials. Made up of thousands of precisely placed lattice beams, SmartCore allows inStryde to perfectly tune custom insoles to your injury history, current pain points, and biomechanics at scale. This innovative material results in insoles that reduce peak pressure on the bottom of your feet by up to 46%.

Whether you live active lifestyles or work primarily on your feet, inStrydes offer the perfect support for walkers, runners, hikers, athletes or avid gym-goers as well as medical workers, construction workers, personal trainers or coaches, teachers, waiters, and more. Give your feet the relief they need, and protect against leg, foot, lower-extremity aches and injuries. InStryde provides the cushioning and support needed to properly redistribute the pressure your feet experience with everyday activities



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