inStryde Insoles

inStryde Insoles

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By rethinking traditional insole fitting processes and materials used, inStryde offers cost-effective advantages that others can’t. InStrydes not only fit whatever shoes you wear, but they’re also incredibly comfortable and withstand foot sweat & odor. Additionally, inStrydes are highly customized, affordable insoles that are delivered to your front door in days, not months.

If you’ve purchased your insoles before taking our SmartFit quiz, an inStryde team member will email you with instructions that will guide you through our SmartFit process. This way we can ensure your insoles are customized to your biomechanics and fit you perfectly!

inStryde Features

  • Custom insoles made-to-order from our patent-pending SmartCore lattice technology and AI foot analysis process.
  • Since each pair is ultra-personalized, no two inStryde insoles are the same.
  • High-quality custom insoles, without the price tag.

How inStryde Works

Step 1
The Custom-Fitting Process

You’ll take our free fit quiz and foot scan right on your smartphone from anywhere! Then our team will create 3D models of your feet so we can see what’s going on.

Step 2
Insoles Made Just for You

Next, we’ll use those 3D models to shape your custom insoles. Once the inserts have their basic form, our team will apply a lattice structure that’s specific to your biomechanics, pain points, and intended use.

Step 3
Receive inStrydes in Just a Few Days

After crafting your custom insoles, we’ll ship them in the mail. With a lattice structure specific to you, you’ll feel a big difference in how you move.